9 Things Poor And Uneducated Ghanaian Mothers Do To Ensure Their Children Become Well Educated


Ghanaian mothers are just out of this world. Their love for their children is just amazing.

To the poor and uneducated mother, education is very important. Once they didn’t get it, they make sure their children get it.

Here are 10 things poor and uneducated mothers do to see their children through school. God bless their soul.

1. Sell their Ntoma and clothes.

They take their African fabrics and even clothes they’ve sewn and sell them at cheap prices to any interested person.

2. Sell their gold jewelries.

Next, after the ntoma comes the jewelries. From necklaces, bracelets to rings, all these are sold cheaply just to make enough money to cater for the fees of their wards.

3. Wash clothes.

They visit homes and wash dirty clothes for a fee. This they normally do when they migrate to the cities.

4. Go for by day.

They either weed farms or carry mortar at construction sites and get paid at the end of each day.

5. Fetch water for people.

In urban places where water is an issue, some mothers fetch water for people at a fee. They don’t mind where the source of water is, they’ll cover that distance with all the stress just to make money for their child’s school.

6. Borrow from family and friends.

This is an option they mostly don’t want to explore but at the extreme, that’s what they do.

7. Sell at the market.

They take to the market to sell mostly farm produce to make some money to take care of their children.

8. Become house helps.

When push comes to shove, some become house helps in homes of rich people in the cities to get money to support their children. God bless their soul.

10. Give in to men.

For these mothers, seeing their children through school is their ultimate goal. Men also knowing how desperate these women are, also request to sleep with them in exchange for the money. Initially, these women turn down the request but when it becomes critical and they are left with no option, they go back to accept it because they need the money.


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