6 Ghanaian Foods That Can Satisfy And Sustain You All Day After Eating


Food is a necessity, whether you are the type that eats a lot or eats little or moderate. 

Over here in Ghana these are the foods that can satisfy and sustain you all day after eating.

1. Kenkey

delicious kenkey ghana

Some call it Ga Kenkey, others refer to it as Accra Kenkey but whatever name you wanna call it no problem. But the truth is that it is eaten and appreciated across Ghana. Kenkey is one food which after being eaten sustains you for the whole day. For this reason all manner of people appreciate and eat Kenkey; whether young or old, students or workers.

2. Tuo Zaafi

delicious tuo zaafi ghana
Tuo Zaafi

Tuo Zaafi is a Northern Ghana meal which is also very popular in the South of Ghana because of the fact that it is very delicious and also a very satisfying meal.

3. Waakye

delicious waakye ghana

Have you ever wondered why people queue up each morning at Waakye food joints (sometimes such queues starts even before the waakye is ready). This is because waakye can contain you almost the whole day once eaten aside that, it a very balanced diet.

4. Gari and Beans with Fried Plantain

delicious beans and fried plantain ghana
Beans and Fried Plantain

Get to Obuasi right now and you will see people calling it yorke gari. Others will go ahead and call it GOBE especially in tertiary institutions, workplaces among others. After eating your satisfying Gari and Beans with Fried Plantain, all there is; is to focus and work or study hard because you know you will be full and energetic throughout the day.

5. Fufu

tasty fufu and light soup ghana
Fufu and Light Soup

This list will never be complete without the mention of Fufu (which is not just popular in Ghana, but also in West Africa and even in some countries in the Caribbean). Fufu or fufuo as many people in Ghana call it, is prepared by pounding boiled cassava and plantain in a mortar till it is uniformly mixed to the desired texture. Other variants of fufu are cocoyam fufu and yam fufu. Fufu is served with soup usually groundnut soup, palm nut soup or Light Soup. Others will go ahead and enjoy their fufu with Abekatekonto (combination of palm nut soup, groundnut soup and Kontomire soup).

Get to ‘Efie Fufuo’ (homemade fufu) or Confidence Eating Place if you are in Kumasi; and for those in Accra check out Yenkodi Restaurant or Vera’s Fufu Joint or any other fufu joint near you and (FUFU will ensure that you are well satisfied). BTW, do you like fufu or you are the type that do not eat fufu? Tell us in the comments section below.

6. Banku

tasty banku and tilapia ghana
Banku and Tilapia

Trust me if you want to get a satisfying lunch just grab your bowl of banku and you are good to go. Tell me in the comments section when was the last time you ate banku?

Which of the foods do you enjoy most? You can also list other satisfying foods that I missed and didn’t make mention of in the comments section below.


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