The Ghana Police Service has arrested CF for using “Kwasia Ne Moko” in his song


The Ghana Police Service  has arrested  CF for using “Kwasia Ne Moko” in his new released track, not knowing kwasia ne Moko means  an insult in another tribe’s language.Kwasia Ne Moko the title for CF new single yet to be released means egg and pepper.The Controversial Artist CF said kwasia ne moko is not a song to insult or diss anybody but he had the inspiration from a renowned presenter in Okay Fm called Abeku santana.CF said Kwasia Ne Moko his song titled was gotten from Abeku Santa on his Ekwanso Dwodwo show.

Abeku Santana narated a story about a girl who was sent by her mum to sell egg but always the girl return home without selling nothing, so the girl’s mum became very worried and decided to follow her daughter to see if really she goes to sell the egg .To the suprise of the girl’s mum she saw her daughter shouting Yeeees!3y3 kwasia ne moko……instead of shouting Yeeees 3y3 kosua ne moko.

So the controversial and creative artist CF decided to create a song with this humerous story .So Ghana Police CF never meant to insult anybody through this story he is truely sorry .The song kwasia ne moko by CF featuring Nii funny drops on the 1st September 2019…..


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