Opinion: Ensure Free And Fair MUSIGA Elections


There are several anomalies with the upcoming Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) elections that need to be made clear. If care is not taken, this is a sign that the elections could be rigged.

We are of the view that all stakeholders of MUSIGA and the elections including the Electoral Commission (EC), Bice Osei Kuffour (Obour) to mention a few should play their part in ensuring a free and fair MUSIGA elections.

MUSIGA presidential aspirant seeks injunction on elections

A presidential aspirant in the upcoming Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) elections – Ras Caleb Appiah-Levi is seeking to place an injunction on the national elections of the union (MUSIGA) which was scheduled to take place today, July 10.

Speaking on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, presidential aspirant, Ras Caleb Appiah-Levi, who sought for the injunction through the High Court, explained there are anomalies with the elections that need to be made clear.

“This is a national election and we should have a register for each region, however, the Electoral Commission presented us with one album which also has some names missing,” he told Andy Dosty host of the show.

He alleged the Union has registered people beyond the deadline for members registration some of which are not musicians.

Appiah-Levi added, the current scheme of elections allows members to vote in any part of the country regardless of where they registered. This he explained can cause multiple voting and rigging.

“This is national voting and you have employed the help of the EC hence you should be able to follow the country’s style of voting,” Mr Appiah-Levi explained.

Press release to announce injunction

According to him, these anomalies are affecting many members and executives including the Upper West regional chairman of the union.

He is calling on the union to make their voting processes and the register available to the assessment of the union members and aspirants

“Many members are complaining, it is not just me,” he stated.

Also, this is the third time the election has been postponed. The election was first scheduled to take place on Wednesday, June 26 and was moved to July 10 and now rescheduled to July 17.


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