Kayah Bu – We Go Make Am ( Tombeatz)


Kayah Bu is recognized as one of the very few creative upcoming artistes who also promoting African culture through music. 
 As an emerging artiste, he takes inspiration from King Ayisoba and some top African musicians, kayabu, determined to help combat European cultural imperialism and promote Ghanaian/African culture through his songs.

If one has not listened to kayah Bu songs before, his choice of outfits alone will draw attention to nothing but one  a promoter of Ghanaian/African products. It’s therefore not too amazing that he is doing music that focuses on upholding African culture – something many youths of his age wouldn’t consider doing.

Kayah Bu has release one music already which get a title “Kayah Bu” we go make am.It is an inspirational song that drops a very huge encouragement of life that one should not give up one day you will be able to achieve what you are looking caught up with kayah Bu for a brief -chat. In the interview,He talked about how some music managers,Djs,Show organizers are cheating the upcoming artiste.He also explains that an upcoming artist will pay a huge amount of money to record from a studio and shoot a most expensive video and sometimes paid payo for the airplays and after they are organized for shows they will not be given anything, those free-free things are killing our music industry.He advises the upcoming artist to stay focus and should not be given up one day you will surely make it to the highest degree. 

Download mp3 by Kayah Bu “We Go Make Am”Produced By Tombeatz.

Kayah Bu – We Go Make Am ( Tombeatz) DOWNLOAD


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