Biography Of Doris Opata A.K.A. Ohenbaa Doris Who Grabbed Gospel Artist Of The Year 2022


Let’s take a look at ohenbaa doris’ brief biography, who was named gospel singer of the year in 2022.

She was born into a Catholic family on June 13, 1974, and is now a member of the God the Eye of the World ministry, Odumase krobo.

Doris Ohenbaa works as a seamstress and is the mother of eight apprentices.
She is married and lives in Ghana’s Central Region with her spouse.
She began her ministry as a motivational speaker who teaches the Bible.

When she starts speaking about God, some of her words convert into singing, which is how she got her musical gift.
She has been doing this for almost 8 years, but her desire has always been to be a prophetess, and she is now being Ordained as an Evangelist.
By doing so, she set out to create an album that is currently in the studios and is about to be released. A single from the album, titled “Owotumi,” is currently available.

The sign has been trending from 2021 to 2022, and it has been nominated as one of the Best Gospel Music in the Central Region. Production credit goes to Enzyme Dee Beat and Adomghana, as well as loudgh, solidheadlines, and a slew of other bloggers that helped push this single track to the top of the charts. trending stories/


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